If we would be asked to vote new best punks on the block, we’d say Surfbort from Brooklyn, New York for sure. Their 80s, fun, hyped-up punk rock is besides very much visually entertaining, giving an efficient message about our current political climate. It’s shit, and fuck Trump, as Dani will scream during her set. We were wondering about what they would do if they would be the ones ruling the USA, or maybe even the world.

Alex Kilgore: “I guess my thing is that I don’t like hierarchy. So I would put a stop to that. So what then? Anarchy! Is that going to be effective? Probably not. But it’s still better than having to listen to other people and accept their stupid decisions.”

Dani: “If I would make the rules I would make it so that nobody is hungry and all the rich people will have to spread their wealth more. And all the bad rich people should go to jail. The smart ones can stay. After that I’d say we have to handle earth politics. Get back control of our environment.”

So who’s good and who’s bad?

Dani: “The good ones are the people who put their money back into culture and other humans. The bad ones are all the shitty politicians and other influencers that do not try to do good for everybody. That only think about how to make America richer. Basically everybody under Trump’s reign right now. They can all go to jail if it’s up to me.”

Kilgore: “The bad ones are all the people that profit on the expense of others. But then you could ask yourself if it’s even possible to profit NOT at the expense of somebody.”

So back to the good old trading system without any money?

Kilgore: “Well… I think capitalism definitely sucks.”

Dani: “Yeah, but that is too hard to get right off in one go right now. If we start by putting all the people away that fuck it up, everything would be so much better already. All the people that are waging wars and who are racists and unjust to humanity in general. And we can trade them for people that are in jail doing an unfairly long amount of time that they just got because they were, for example, from a minority group. There’s so many different things that need to be changed. It’s not just one big quick fix.”

Kilgore: “I think in America it’s getting gnarly. It’s endgame capitalism. We’re in the last part of. Trump is like a pimple, he’s the puss of the underbelly. It’s a positive way of looking at it. Seeing Trump as a necessary evil who has actually started a necessary  purging. Our country was founded on slavery. This economic superiority that the USA tries to wield over the rest of the world was really built over the back of slaves. And as much as it is ‘a free country for all!’ now, it wasn’t before. It was founded by religious nuts who were too fucking religious to even live in Europe and therefore came here and slaughtered the locals. Don’t get me wrong, I love some many things about the USA, but this is something we can’t forget or pretend it didn’t happen.”

After Trump got elected, did you consider moving?

The whole band nods in agreement.

Kilgore: “I did, for sure. But you also don’t want to abandon ship. There are so many great people, artists, living in the USA. It is also a great time to be creative right now, somehow inspiring. It’s also very hard to just let go of everything you’ve learned and that we’ve learned our new generations. You have to do it step by step, you can’t change everything at once. Littering and using the world’s infrastructure is shit, food’s not how it should be. I’m conscious about it and try to live as ‘good as possible’.”

Dani: “I try my best too. I recycle at home, but I’m not perfect in it. Yet I still think it is always good to bring up the conversation, even if you are not so perfectly in saving the world. Work towards it together. We’re all fucking up right now. We should keep thinking and trying how to better that. There’s always room to grow. A big one for me is not eating meat, I haven’t eaten any in about 6 years. It just feels so stupid to me to raise so many cows in such a short period, using so much resources, just because people want it. It’s disgusting to me. I’m not against eating meat in principle but you don’t need it for protein at all. That’s not an excuse.”

Kilgore, you and your girlfriend have a little baby girl called Panther, did you two discuss these kinds of things when she was born?

Kilgore: “My girlfriend is very food conscious, so I am very lucky with that. She worked on farms and she grows veggies herself. She made me eat so much better. She stopped me from drinking those coffee cups that I had three per day of. They have aluminum and all kinds of crappy things in them. Those kind of things never occurred to me before she told me about it. But it’s tough to fight against these things though because they are so much part of our culture. Just like the gun problem. They are hard to fight against because they are part of the economic system. They are profitable. It is very obvious that there is a gun problem but people make money of them so it not just gonna stop being sold. You can’t even use the reason of projecting yourself from an evil government anymore because they’ll just come with drones.”

How was it when you grew up?

Dani: “My parents are getting more and more conscious right now. It’s very cool to see that. My dad reads a lot and he’s really evolving and working on it. Compared to when I grew up it’s a lot better, but we weren’t especially bad, just a normal American family, eating quite a lot of meat. They recently got rid of all their plastic Tupperware and got glass.”

So to finish up, after changing all the politics you feel like, how would your perfect world look like?

Dani: “I want it to be very fluffy and yellow. A big yellow, shaggy carpet. This is gonna sound really cheesy but it’s true: the perfect world is one where everybody is trying to evolve and heal themselves first, versus jumping the hay and be angry. And I know that not everybody is as loved and not everybody has the money to do whatever they want or even buy food and that makes you angry. But that’s where I feel where other people who have an abundance can step in more. There is too much big walls up where people who are suffering but want to grow are held against by. That is what, at least the start, of a perfect world would look like. When people are healed, there will be less violence and it will eventually lead to healing the earth and everything else as well. Also there should be pools of cotton candy and it should rain flowers.”