So everybody has been home for a couple of days now you better be! – and it’s strange and maybe getting a bit claustrophobic. That’s ok. It’s ok to feel weird about this. But don’t let all the negative news reports and interviews let you down. This is also a time of inspiration. We’ve never seen so many beautiful initiatives in our online and offline world (and our favorite restaurant is delivering now, something that we’ve always dreamed of). Keep ordering from your locals, there will be a time when you can sit down at their sunny terrace again and be happy you helped them pull through. Also, it’s important to be extra nice to yourself, so order that pizza. Don’t be too hard on yourself when you don’t magically start writing a genius book; inspiration can also just be watching others make some amazing music and feel your body getting more relaxed while doing so. 
A lot of our musician friends have been doing free broadcasting shows on Instagram and have even been putting up complete online festivals. We’ve gathered them all together below for your pleasure and spoke to some of them for some personal quarantine tips to add to your lists of to-do’s. 
Enjoyed the show? Let the musicians you’ve been playing at home the last couple of days know by sending a personal message and buying their merch or music online. Because this is a time to focus on the better, the fun and the beautiful that still is all around us. 

Ron Gallo’s Really Nice Fest (an ongoing ever changing digital music festival)

Ron Gallo, our favorite Nashvillian weird cat in dungarees, has been livestreaming straight from his living room. Completely in his own style, the shows are named Really Nice Fest and they are to be followed on an Instagram he started just for the sake of that: @reallyniceinsta (it has daily additions!). He deletes the shows after two hours to recreate the live effect, so be on time. The performances change from shows with his whole band to Ron Gallo DJ sets and duo shows with his girlfriend Chiara D’Anzieri. 
We asked Ron for some personal tips as well and he told us this: ‘’wake up. DANCE. look at the cherry tree in the backyard through the kitchen window. make coffee. and start thinking how to make the most of a rapidly changing world situation. i feel like as crazy as it is its a door into all new ideas we never would think of otherwise. we cook a lot. get food delivery if you can. and enjoy pausing the chase for a while. also i feel like everything is put in perspective now, especially all the stupid shit i would normally worry about.’’
Chiara’s tips are: 
— dance on every kind of music you like for one minute a day or multiple times if you feel it 
— try to meditate; at first it might be difficult but it will work 
— try aroma therapy: lavender, patchouli, eucalyptus, cinnamon, they are all relaxing smells
— try some artistic activities you‘ve never tried before, it doesn’t matter if you’re not good at them, you need for get your brain working and don’t get bored or moody by the situation. 
— create a playlist and put in some new songs every day. 
— keep a gratitude diary

Kevin Morby and Katie Crutchfield

Kevin and Katie (Waxahatchee) are also quarantining together and are broadcasting hangouts with general chats and answering requests live on Instagram – besides doing lovely co-shows with Courtney Barnett and Lucius, for example. Kevin also did a ‘Stay Away Show’ via Blogoteque’s Instagram yesterday (Blogoteque is doing one with a different artist every day!). 
In the post about live online shows on Kevin’s IG-account, Kevin and Katie said they were aware of the time being a bit late for European fans to watch, so they promise to do one again soon. Keep an eye on their pages for more: @kevinmorby and @waxa_katie.

Amyl and the Sniffers

From what we can see from their Instagram, Amy, Dec, Bryce and Gus are already going mad from not playing any shows. Lucky for us, it’s a good kind of mad. In complete The Sniffersstyle outfits and in just one take, they recorded this amazing cover of Fuck The Pain Away by Peaches right in front of their house. It’s on the bands IGTV channel and we are watching it on repeat till they post a new one. 

Lou Doillon’s home sessions

Our favorite French messy haired rock child is broadcasting going live on Instagram stories from her home in Paris. She’s not only playing songs on her acoustic guitar by request but also reading poetry in both French and English, doing live drawings and answering questions you can ask her in her livestream. Yesterday she promised she’ll do one by the piano soon too. @loudoillon

Crap Eyewear Party LIVE online

Crap Eyewear, the coolest eyewear brand in LA, did a session with what they called ‘some good online vibez’ from their (and our) favorite independent artists, with changeover DJ-sets from Crap’s own Tony Accosta, sessions from Automatic, Fat Tony, Froth, Monde Ufo and Slaugtherhouse. We read on their IG-account that they’re planning to get it up on Youtube as soon as they can. Meanwhile: keep following their page for other tips on how to entertain yourself and hopefully some more future good online vibez. (Automatic bandcamp here. Froth here)

Monday’s with Shan

Every Monday at 12 PM (USA time) Shannon Lay will be live on Instagram playing some songs and answering some questions and whatever else comes up. She also promised some special guests and surprises. We can’t wait. Send her some love by tuning in here
Shannon also recommended us this cool event to come at March 25th called ‘Alone Together’. A live stream music festival presented by Honeymoon Suite with loads of great artists performing from their living room including Shannon herself. Attend the (online) Facebook event here.  

Patti Smith and her daugther Jesse

One of our all-time heroines and 70s legend Patti Smith saw her New Zealand and Australia tour getting cancelled due to the Corona crisis. She was supposed to play some shows alone and some with friends, reading poetry and playing music. This is what she is now trying to replicate online by inviting different people to join her and her daughter Jesse, who’s accompanying her on piano, to play and read with her. She is live streaming from her Instagram page and promised there’s more to come soon. In her last couple of timeline posts on Instagram, she reads poetry and stories to her viewers too. It’s where she, in her beautiful soothing voice, is recommending them to read about travelers to stay grounded, as she is doing as well:
As we are grounded I find
myself drawn to the sublime
chronicles of other travelers.
These words are from the
pages of a journey made by
Rudy and the photographer
Lynn Davis. A journey almost
miraculous in its sorrow.

Stay safe! x team black currant