We meet up with Feels in Rotterdam, before they play the pre-party of this year’s Left of the Dial festival, in a venue called Rotown. It promises to be a very fun nighT as they will share their evening with Bad Breeding and Screaming Females, while we will close the night with some DJ-tunes ourselves. A celebration of good guitar music.

We start out on the terrace in front of the venue, as the weather is pretty nice. Spring’s approaching and you can definitely see it effecting everybody in a very good way. While we order some drinks we start chatting about them being back in Europe. They are about half way in on the month long tour, seeing everything from small venues to playing Barcelona Psych Fest later on next week. They look tired but content and very relaxed, sipping on some Dutch beers. “We love being able to travel so much but it’s a shame that sometimes you get to see so little of the actual city or country that you are in,” Laena says. She is wearing an amazing brown fake fur jacket that I remind myself to ask her the brand for later. Her hair looks relatedly just unwashed enough to look cool. “We would love to do some (vintage) shopping or see museums but you hardly get the time.” Shannon pitches in: “Yeah, but just sitting here chilling and seeing all our European friends again is already so much fun and a privilege too. For them to take the time to come see us again after we met on earlier tours or work is so great.” The venue we are sitting at is super close to an amazing modern museum, we look it up on our phones but it will close in about 15 minutes, our beers aren’t finished yet. I propose we can go shopping for a bit as sound check is still three hours away. We all agree. As we finish our beers we make plans to visit the shops and walk over there.

First up the Dr. Martens store. Laena tries on a different colored version of the white platform boots that she is already wearing. “It’s really hard to pick on pair of shoes for tour, as you don’t have much space in your luggage and you’re gonna have to wear them a lot. I hate dragging around too much stuff, if you do that, you’ll start to hate yourself at one point. These are amazing. They are sturdy enough to last a whole tour and they look good,” she tells me. “Most of the time, at the end of a tour, I have to throw away the pair I brought, I tend to wear them down completely.” Tourmanager Sal is paying for a very cool pair of blue shaded vegan lace-ups when we (Shannon, Amy and me) decide to walk over to Monki before food’s on the table at the venue. In the store Shannon struggles to not buy everything, but she ends up buying three kick-ass pairs of pants that seem to be made just to fit her. “I love this brand so much,” she sighs, “I wish they had it in the USA as well”. Amy purchases some socks with flames on them, they’ll go perfectly with her pink shiny cowboy style ankle boots.

As we walk over to the venue we stop at the Museumpark to take some photos, the sun is starting to fade and you can feel it getting colder, the parks bathes in an afternoon gloom as the band poses in front of a group of skaters. Time to start this evening.

You got the news that you were going to record the second album.

Feeling… Excitement!

“It had been awhile since we’d been in a proper studio and were looking forward to take the demos of the song to the final level. We had already made demos and did the pre-production of all the songs before we went in to recording so it didn’t even take that long. The creative process we had really already done together ourselves. So in the studio there was nothing being written –only capturing, with some additional flourishes of course. Recording with Tim Green in Northern California was quite magical.”

The first thing that came up in your mind creatively after that announcement and when recording began.

Feeling… Freedom! And when the recording started: clarity.

We took 8 days to record and after tracking the songs, we had a few days left to experiment because we already prepared the base of it beforehand. It was so nice to be able to really take the time and have the freedom to create exactly what we wanted. We knew what we wanted to do when we went in the studio and it was fun and easy to capture. The environment in Grass Valley (where Louder Studios is located) is remote and peace, and great for focus.”

After recording you got to listen to the final product for the first time, your second album ‘Post Earth’.

Feeling… gratitude.

“It is so different to get to experience something you created as an active listener. Not playing, just listening. It’s beautiful and overwhelming seeing something take on a life of its own.”

Then reviews about the album must have started to come in.

Just to name a few:
Pitchfork: “The LA quartet’s second album is more musically focused and emotionally unsettled, its once shaggy sound sculpted into post-punk precision.”

The Los Angeles Times (as part of a bigger interview):
Post Earth, a righteously angry yet uncommonly encouraging record about the world falling apart. Though it’s — very loosely — based around the idea of future billionaires fleeing the very planet they’ve desiccated, Feels tries to make sense of their own fear and anger at the present.”

Feeling… SO STOKED!

The reviews were great! People seemed to understand what we were trying to convey and acknowledged the hard work we put into it.”

You got the news that you were going to tour Europe.

Feeling… So SO STOKED again!

“We love touring in Europe, making new friends, seeing old ones, the cultures, the cuisine. It’s all great.”

You arrived on the 7th of March in Brighton, UK for a month-long tour.

Feeling… ready.

“We prepared for rain, sun, jet lag, and successfully combatted them all!”

You were on the road for a month, in a small van, with the same people every day.

Feeling… love.

We had a 5th member join us, our wonderful tour manager(s) Sal Priem (and Jess Clark for the UK leg)! They kept us safe and alive and took a lot of stress off our backs. Cheers to them!”

After a month, closing up at Le Havre, France, before flying back to LA.

Feeling…. bittersweet.

“We were happy to go back home, but of course sad it was over.”

Fortunately enough for them (and us!) FEELS will be back in Europe soon, as they will play at Loose Ends Festival Sunday the 23rd of June. Get your tickets here before they sell out – and bring the girls some Monki giftcards while you’re at it spending money anyway.

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