The Casbah was definitely the coolest place at Best Kept Secret festival last weekend. In a grass pit in the middle of the festival terrain – in between hipsters taking pictures of their burgers in food trucks and next to a fancy waterside restaurant –stood an iron shed, modeled after the raw vibe of the legendary CBGBs in New York City’s most rock’n’roll era. In the 70s this venue was the home of bands like The Ramones, Talking heads, Television and Blondie.

Right now in 2018, in Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands, this little festival venue almost got to similar legendary heights. Even though they use ‘no fun’ as their motto, we’ve had some serious, intense fun. Fun we’ll remember for a long time to come. A big part of that was due to Friday’s show by Crows from London. Frontman James showed off his climbing skills in some of the trees (yes, the stage was built over an existing forest) while simultaneously screaming his lungs out. How’s that for a Friday night? 

We’ve shot most of this show on a medium format analog camera that was almost going as crazy as the crowd inside the Casbah. Shooting film can be a blessing and a curse but in this case it has captured the craziness in a way no digital camera could ever do. 

Oh, we’d suggest you put this one on maximum volume before you scroll down. Thank us later.