Two Sundays ago we went to Utrecht to help our friends at Mondays by taking some photos at their event at Kapitaal (and to do a top secret trial for Black Currant). It turned out to be an amazing party. When we arrived at Kapitaal for the first time we didn’t know what to expect at all. The space turned out to be this amazing light, industrial room on the second floor with a view over a relaxed skatepark where people were playing music on a ramp. The girls from Mondays decorated the back of the stage with their signature glitter curtains, they where serving beer at 1:00 in the afternoon and Yung Johan was already busy tattooing people. We instantly felt at home.

Utrecht locals Pizza Knife kicked off the party with some screaming sounds and chicken masks. This can easily sum up their style and they definitely woke up the last people that were still a bit sleepy. They may not be the first band you would expect at a day time event but frontman Rutger de Boer got everybody going pretty fast. We felt like we were 16 again and at a hardcore punk show. That feeling ain’t so bad.

Big Ups from NY was the second band to play and while at first glance you wouldn’t see too much differences with the band before –they’re looking just as punk– they definitely had something deeper to say. Walking, stopping, staring and climbing through the space vocalist Joe Galarraga told us what he thought of how we treat the world, and that he’s a bit frustrated about it. But it doesn’t seem like he needs to be really shouting about that. You could describe it more as a really powerful and maybe even passionate way of talking, and he sure is convincing at it. With one leg leaning on the back of the bar at the back of the venue he knows how to get everybody’s full attention for sure, and ours too.

Closing this hot Sunday afternoon show is done by Häxxan from Tel Aviv. Amit is wearing some amazing denim dungarees and a top bun and they seem to be having a lot of fun, as does the rest of the people watching them. The glitter curtain behind them really matches their outfits, and drummer Yuri’s tie-dye T-shirt is shining. We can’t think of a better band bringing a bit more of the happy-but-dirty-punk-energy that this day is giving us. It’s a perfect fit.

This was a Sunday as it should be. Punk, art, beer and sun. Summer’s not even started but we already want more of this. Need more of this. Did you hear us, Mondays and Kapitaal?

PS. We’ve got some super exclusive backstage adventure footage of these creeps and there’s a Best Kept Secret festival special coming up. Stay tuned, it’ll be worth it.