We found some pre-corona fun for you in the archives. It’s about going outside to crazy places and seeing all kinds of colors. We felt like we should share. AND – FOR YOUR PLEASURE – A LITTLE INTRO TO START off your weekend WITH, FROM TIMES WHERE WE COULD STILL FUCK OURSELVES UP AT VENUES, AMONG LOADS OF OTHER CRAZY PEOPLE. ALL COURTESY TO THE AMAZING BLACK LIPS.
It was November 2019, Skatecafe, Amsterdam North. An evening to never forget. Black Lips were playing our treasured shed with a ramp inside. Before the night even began, we got a bit too excited, there was a bit too much wine, maybe even some ‘vodka on the bike’ (Dutchies will know). When we arrived at Karin and Yvonne’s cafe the place was already madness, having been warmed up by the support Fuck Fuck Fuck and a DJset by our dearest Volcano Boys. The rest of the night we can only remember there was lots of jumping and sweat during their set, then a football game next to the venue, on our socks, beer in the hand. And for some, including the band, an after party in the way too crowded upstairs office of the venue. We woke up, one of us with a broken wrist, the other with a black eye. 
Fast forward. Two days later, after having been indoors recovering and sending each other photos of the damage the gig had done to us, we met up with the band responsible for that crazy but very fun riot night. Completely in theme of the bruises on our bodies, we asked them about all the colors of their very own rainbow.

BLACK — What’s the Bla…

Cole suddenly jumps right into the conversation. I’ve been interested in ‘Vantablack’ recently. It’s the blackest black there is. It sucks out the shape of everything you put on there. Anish Kapoor had one similar to that too where he got a patent on, but they’ve already figured it out, so it’s free domain now luckily.

Zumi: Related too, but not only color, is fabrics and their colors depth. I’ve read a lot about that and it’s super interesting. For example, while we are here, in the 1700s the Dutch showed off their wealth by the richness of color and the textiles in their clothes. And one of the trends at that time that showed how rich you was, was also ‘the blackest black’. They would also make clothes out of two layers of fabric but slash the upper one to show they could afford a second. And ruffs, I am obsessed with ruffs, the more volume the better.

Cole: I think Vantablack would have been the most expensive color ever in those times.

Jeff: That is the most rich thing you can do today, disappear in total blackness, be invisible.”

GOLD — If you would feature in a story about somebody following the rainbow and finding the gold at the end, what would the journey look like? 

Zumi: Our album actually has ‘rainbow’ in it because I was eating Skittles, not the normal ones but the ‘dark side of the moon’ ones. The tagline is The Other Side of the Rainbow’ and the package was black. That was our inspiration. We would wanna go to that side.

Cole: At the end we would probably find a leprechauns anus. In a hole in the ground, by a rotten potato patch. But maybe he would offer us some pot do you get it?

: And he would be hiding all the cocaine and other drugs that the Rolling Stones ever used in the 70s, made in a lab. Also loads of quaaludes. A drug that fascinates us all but they discontinued it after those times so we never tried. The formula is secret.

Zumi:Also he would hold the last tear of honey when bees get extinct.

GREY — What was a grey area to you (a situation that wasn’t clear to you) in the last week?
Cole: Yeah, where Jared is. He was going to make it to this interview but he isn’t here... Where is he? We don’t know for sure.

Zumi: Right now, normality is a grey area to me to be honest. Why do so much people want to be the same as anybody else, instead of being their own, original person? It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot. Like girls or boys who look exactly like somebody else and don’t get bothered by it at all. Just take on all the trends, like a copy of a copy, it doesn’t register to me. Mundaneness, that’s just alien to me.

Cole: Those are called normies.
RED – Finish the rhyme, each person takes one sentence: Roses are red…

Oh, can we also do the thing where we each draw a part of a figure?’’ Zumi asks excitedly.

ORANGE — The Dutch Royal Family has the nickname ‘van Oranje’ translating to ‘of orange’. That also made orange our national color. Tell us all your knowledge about our little country. 
Zumi: Do any of the royals have haemophilia? You know, from the incest? That is what happened with a lot of royal European families right? They probably do. I also know that they are very good with water, the Dutch.

Cole: My guess is you are lying and the Dutch don’t have a royal family anymore, this is a trick question…”

Zumi: Yes they do…”

Cole: I do know, in history, they teached mankind how to plunder and rape around the world.We agree, nodding our heads.

Jeff: But they also teached the world how to control water, and live below sea level. Although the only thing I don’t understand... If you know so much about water, how do they fail to know how showers work? All the showers in Dutch hotel rooms make the whole room flood. Is that some Dutch aristocratic fantasy? So the maid can clean up later? It’s strange, they know how to build a dam.

Oakley: I bet the Dutch royals are also really tall. And I don’t think they will be big Black Lips fans, but if they are, they like the earlier records. They are the purest, more royal.
GREEN — How green would you say you are?
Zumi: I wouldn’t say I am very green, but maybe more than I used to be, I try.
Cole: I am horrible at it.” Zumi nodds in agreement. ‘’He thinks about it though, I often just forget.’’
Cole: Yeah but I take two 30 minutes showers a day. I do feel a bit guilty about it though, you are right about that.”
Zumi: ‘’And we are not having any kids, that is good for the planet too. We watched Dirt! the movie once, about endangered soil, because we make it so dirty with all our trash. You don’t think about that when you grow up, and it’s good to see  and learn and be conscious of what you are doing for sure. But also it’s hard to think about it especially in our lifestyle. For example, every place we go to play gives us so many plastic bottles, and I know it’s not good. But we can’t do all glass either. It’s dangerous when people are drunk and jumping everywhere. We’ve had people throw glass at the stage sometimes, which is problematic also. But taking bottles with us on tour to drink out is a good first step. I drink tap water all the time. I try to do that at home too, not buy unnecessary plastics. Oakley lives on a farm so he is probably the most green of all of us.
Oakley: ‘’I am not doing that to be green, to be honest. I talked to this scientist once, who asked me if I thought I was green because I was raising my own chickens, and if I compared it to the how much it costs me to buy their food and the transport for that etcetera. Because if you take that in account, farming is actually very polluting. He told me that the greenest way to live, for the whole earth together, so not just as a person or small family, is in an industrialized society. Because it’s the most efficient. It’s interesting to think about that what people envision as green isn’t that green at all.
Cole: ‘’We don’t eat vegetarian all the time but if they give me the choice I would go for a vegetarian option. For Zumi it’s the same, she doesn’t eat meat if the option is there. She eats fish though, sardines mostly. We had the impossible burger a while ago, I was very impressed with that, after I was repulsed with it first. But it was great. I love discovering new things like that, and I was proud of us to get out of our comfort zone doing something better.
INDIGO — Indigo is the most spiritual color of them all. An Indigo person is a person who has come into this world destined to create change and spiritually awake others. 

Zumi: I love Indigo! Another expensive color from the past that people used to show that they were rich, like we talked about before... Also, Indigo children are the most interesting. Somebody that is off the scale and has like an extra sense. I think I am a pretty indigo person but I also don’t try to take spirituality too serious. It has to come naturally, not forced because you want to be like that. Once I went to The Magic Castle in LA for a friends birthday. There was a seance going on. Attempting to call some spirits. We all knew that it wasn’t real, because the place is full of magicians doing tricks, but I got dubbed anyway. This guy starting talking to me, saying: ‘you seem like an intuitive person’ and I thought, how does he know this?! And he starting saying I was the most perceptive to the spirits around me. The paintings on the wall starting shaking. I was impressed for a second. But the joke was on me… And we all laughed. I still believe I am quite perceptive though, and pretty sensitive, honestly.





Cole: So we drove by some sheep on the highway while on tour. One blue one after a blue one after a blue one, times a thousand. It was like chasing a onecolored rainbow. I love sheep so much I would love to catch one. It’s the longing look in their eyes, it’s amazing. They were definitely envious of me being on the highway, but I was envious of them being over there parading the grasses. We both wanted something that we couldn’t have. I would have loved to have catched a blue one then. One time I tried to be with a sheep, but it never called me back.       
Zumi: One time Cole and I were driving the Black Lips van in Atlanta, it was very late at night, I don’t know why we were driving into a suburb, it was a strange land to me. I guess we were gonna visit someone. It was in Cobb County, so I guess that stands for count-on-being-busted. Because we got pulled over by some cops, thinking probably a tail light was out or something. But when they starting checking us, we found out that Cole’s license was expired. All of the sudden Cole’s being arrested and they swish him out of the car, seconds later only giving me back his cowboy hat and some scraps of paper. I was shitting seven colors. Later I got a call from Cole, from prison, while being super worried and trying to figure out how to bail him out. He said ‘whatever you do, don’t call my mom, and also the clothes that they give you are great here, great shoes and pretty good pants’. He is obsessed with workwear and he was actually figuring out how to steal clothes FROM PRISON while I was shitting seven colors, that probably made it even more than just seven from that phone call. That was the end of the call too. In the end, I had to call his mom anyway. When they released him to his mom, she was so angry that she karate-kicked him in front of the policeman, and she has a black belt. So then it was Cole’s turn to shit seven colors too.
Oakley: When I was in 8th grade they put me in in this class for kids with learning disability. And this one kid in that class was wearing colored spectacles. I asked to try them on too but he said no and told me it was for special dyslexic people only. They were sort of red or rose tinted actually, for some reason they make you focus more. After a while of begging he finally let me for a second and they actually helped, so that was when I found out that I have mild dyslexia too. Literally rose colored glasses made me view things better.