Phew, anybody fully recovered from Best Kept Secret yet? It’s been a week and we’re starting to feel alive again. Those Bloody Mary’s definitely had a long after kick to them. About that weekend… We don’t exactly know where to start, also because it’s kind of a blur still. By hosting the Casbah this weekend, we got to know one of our favourite Dutch festivals even better than we already did. All our friends were there (mainly playing that magical stage 5/Casbah corner) and we couldn’t have wished for more music, food, drinks, sweat and tears. Because it was all of that. Just when we thought this was the best DJ-set of the weekend, another one of our invited guests made us spin around even harder. Our pool table was completely dismantled after the first night, and the DJ-booth and even our fridge, turned out to be great as diving boards to launch yourself off into the crowd going mad during one of the live band gigs from Ditz, LIFE, Fornet and Personal Trainer. Let us take you on a visual tour through our weekend, one shot with a brand new analogue camera (and even though we still needed to get to know each other here and there, this newfound love is very real and here to stay). We won’t show you everything, since that might be a bit too much for the internet to bear, but hold tight, because if you were there you might get some flashbacks.

Opening up our first night by a match of pool while dancing to Really Nice Guys (sometimes they are not really though, trust us). We have absolutely no clue what became of the balls and stick from the pool table that night. We hope they found a nice home.

We didn’t doubt about getting more filthy pretty fast after to heat the place up. With sets by Trish Trash, Pink Noise, .. & De Wolf and Charlie and the Lesbians after that. Those last ones were DJ-ing so badass that we almost suggested them to just switch to that full-time, instead of their normally very awesome live band. That, by the way, would have fitted right into the Casbah with a gig for sure.

Leaving our Casbah in good hands with the Volcano boys, we snuck out to stage 5, just a short sprint behind us, to meet up with our Vengaboys loving friends from Shame. Every time we see these South-Londoners, it’s on pretty good occasions. Like on a boat at Down the Rabbit Hole festival last year, or a day before our six-month anniversary at Paradiso with them playing the big hall. Their show this time was definitely not an exception to the rule of good days. They seem to sound better, raunchier, sweatier and sharper in a mix, every time we see them play live again. Charlie’s (stage) charm is magnetic and almost not to be captured on film, without smelling and living the gig. But if it would be, it would look something like these shots for sure.

Then, Personal Trainer completely blew our minds during their set. Them being fairly new, we never saw them play before. But it was everything we wished for and more, a perfect follow-up for the Shame set. Their sound was made to be a – tad chaotic – infectious mess, that made the whole Casbah jump and sweat fanatically. Like, if we were a 24 hour gym, a real sports coach would approve.


On the Friday night already, Ditz proved that the whole place could be torn down. They furiously screeched the Casbah goodnight by a set only fitted for people that can really hold their guitars (beers/other drinks?) whilst kicking the iron walls of our shed. We were holding onto the DJ-booth with five people to not get crushed in between the thing and the wall. Their musical instruments, which they by the way in style, smashed to the ground at the end of the show.


We of course got the honour to DJ in between and after Personal Trainer and Ditz and even got a surprise visit by the one and only David Budgetta (looking away here on the picture because he was supposed to be in Ibiza of course, but his underground heart won him over to our place instead). We closed off our first night with a bang (to match our banging head the next morning) for sure.


The next Saturday morning, still picking grains of sand out of our hair from a nightcap at Kornuit beach, we started off with only a lot of fun. Currant Noise opened the Casbah at 12:00 to prepare the people for our very own Bakabanas a.k.a. the cutest and equally coolest DJ’s we could find to warm your hungover heart. All woken up now we were lucky enough to enjoy Syste’s CD (!) collection for two hours, wishing we’d had that stack off discs in our cars going on holiday when we were young.


We were taking a risk by asking our boys from Black Rice Booking to come do a DJ-set for us. Knowing that they’d have good taste, but not sure how they’d handle the booth, they arrived matching each other and the walls of our Casbah. Looking equally good as their set turned out to sound, we are happy to say now.


Cranking up the volume and darkening the vibe a bit was definitely an easy task for our punk femme fatale queen Nastasja or TrishTrash. Followed up by some more powerful women to show you the stars in the form of our psych fairies from Cosmic Silk who got the whole Fat White Family dancing to their tunes.


Catched the guys from Fat White Family honouring their name by residing next to the free backstage cocktail bar.


Hand in hand we ran again – to stage 5 to watch Ron, Joe and Dylan play their fuzzy garage set, with lyrics with enough sharp remarks to make it through a whole holiday weekend with the family. As we are used to with these awesome guys, they brought the whole tent to joyous, euphoric heights.


It was that time of the night again when LIFE and Fornet came in to set up their gear. Since the Casbah was already filled to the brim by Mau’s (The Deaf) tunes making everybody go crazy and already starting to jump off things, their soundchecks kinda turned into a pre-pre-party of the even more crazy sets they were about to play. The night was finished by the guys that might be even more at home at that booth then we were, of course that were the almighty Volcano Boys.


LIFE overheating our little soup can with their heated lunacy, we recommend you to keep watching them.


Just a tad surprised we’re all still alive and kicking, we collected as much people as we could for support and went on our way to our last day on the Best Kept Secret terrain. The sun was searing hot, as it had been all weekend, and we we’re all burning by the time we reached our second home.  So we first took a little dip in the festivals very own pond, which was amazingly just about five steps away from our stage. Shown here is Jeff ( in his natural mermaid habitat.


Joe from Ron Gallo enjoying his Sunday of by recreating a 90’s movie, flinging his hair in the wind very casually-


The Casbah was (overheated not even heated up at this point) again by Currant Noise ft. Really Nice Guy Scott. Somewhere overnight our little pool of DJ’s decided to swim together and the time schedule got soaked. Followed by our not-so-boring Tinka from Such A Bore. We don’t know where they got it from, but Cosmic Silk somehow found the energy to do another amazing DJ-set and set off our dancing mood again. It was the day of taking it slow though, so we also walked around the terrain a bit to check on all our friends and see if they were still alive, while …& De Wolf, Iguana Death Cult and Really Nice Guys entertained the ones that were unable to leave the Casbah anymore and just decided to chill over there for the remaining festival.


Willem from Personal Trainer found a hammock he was smart enough not to leave for a long time after that.


We ran into Caroline Rose after her great set at our neighboring stage 5, hanging out with some giraffes. Here they told her they also liked red outfits.


Sunday evening lighting definitely struck our little iron shed as Pink Noise electrocuted the last men standing with huge smiles on faces. Did we make it FUN? This disco trip went over the moon and beyond until we all got kicked out of the Casbah.

We are so thankful, tired but thankful, for everybody that made this weekend into the crazy, fun, hazy, messy, dirty party that it was. You rock. We need to crown everybody that joined us kings and queens of the Casbah and start our own kingdom. Because that is how it felt to be running around there all weekend. Like we’d found a little piece that was just so very ours. A place where the ugly, the sweaty, the sticky, the wounded and the I’ve-been-up-all-night-people could walk around free and be part our own beautiful safari.

Luckily this is the beginning of more articles, zines and crazy summer parties, so keep watching our website and socials for more of where this came from. Up next: Loose Ends on June 23 w/ Charlie & The Lesbians, Personal Trainer, Iguana Death Cult, the Black Currant DJ team and more on stage three!